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Want to showcase your brand to motivated nurses who value clinical excellence, continuing education, quality products and career development?

I help nurses “up their game” by supplementing their clinical knowledge and understanding of healthcare with engaging interviews, often covering what was missed in nursing school.

I work with partners to create inspirational, engaging, educational, and relatable content. Let me help you get your brand and story out there.

According to Ad Results Media and Edison Research, podcast listeners exposed to ads are 74% more likely to visit a company or product’s website and 65% more likely to purchase a service or product.

For more information on how we can get started on a campaign, email annie (at) upmynursinggame (dot) com. You can also review my most updated media kit here.

Past Sponsors (Case Studies)

NTI — The AACN’s premiere conference

  • Goal: Drive tickets sales for both in-person and virtual NTI conferences
  • Campaign: Sponsored episode and mid-roll ads
  • Total downloads: 3000 prior to event
  • Episode 50: NTI 2023: The Secret Sauce for your Nursing Career

Nicole Kupchik Consulting

  • Goal: Build brand awareness around Nicole Kupchik’s test prep courses and books
  • Campaign: Pre- and mid-roll ads, social media amplification
  • Total campaign sales: 500+ and counting
  • Episode 26: Hyponatremia (ad starts at 1:00)

Eko Digital Stethoscopes

  • Goal: Highlight Eko Smart Stethoscopes as the world’s most advanced stethoscope
  • Campaign: Pre and mid-roll ads, social media amplification
  • Episode 35: Nutrition (ad starts at 1:30)
  • Downloads: 3000 in the first 90 days


  • Goal: Highlight Stoggles as safe and fashionable PPE
  • Campaign: Pre-roll ads
  • Total campaign sales: 70+ and counting
  • Episode 22: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (ad starts at 0:15)