The Nurses’ PodCrawl 2023

A podcrawl is a collaboration between different podcast hosts who come together for a week and release episodes around one unifying theme. The goal is to give varying perspectives on a single theme as well as introduce each other’s audiences and increase awareness about nurse podcasting.

This inaugural Nurses’ PodCrawl will feature episodes about delirium — a topic that effects every department in the hospital. 


Up My Nursing Game

Up My Nursing Game is an educational nursing podcast for curious and driven acute, emergency, and critical care nurses who seek a deeper understanding of clinical subjects and want to broaden their understanding of patient care in the hospital setting. Listeners can claim free CE credits for most episodes.

Walking Home from the ICU

Kali Dayton, DNP, ACNP-BC, is an ICU nurse practitioner and ICU consultant. She hands the microphone to ICU survivors and bedside caregivers to reveal the realities of ICU experience and patients’ journeys after discharge. The big picture of sedation and immobility is discussed and we explore how to improve short and long-term patient outcomes. We shift the vision from transferring out of the ICU to walking straight home after the ICU.


 Your first year as a registered nurse is challenging! With this podcast, your host, Kati Kleber, hopes to dispel myths, offer encouraging words, and fill in some of the blanks left from nursing school to enable you to excel in your first job as a registered nurse. Kati features many guests throughout the episodes and they dive deep into topics like what new grad hospital orientation is really like, code blues, time management, delegation, patient deaths, and more.

Cup of Nurses

Nurses on a mission to change the world. Welcome to the Cup of Nurses podcast, your source for current health news and hot nursing topics. This is the place where the rubber hits the road and things get real. We don’t sugarcoat information or gloss over tough issues. We face topics head-on, debate the subjects at hand and let you, our listeners, make your own decisions.

How Not to Kill Your Patient

HNTKYP is a series that address symptomatic presentation and how to move to a working diagnosis and plan for patient care. Kevin McFarlane and Lisa Wolf cover red flags, cognitive pitfalls, and ways to make sure your patients survive their encounter with the health system.

Rapid Response RN

Rapid Response RN will let you see emergencies unfold through the eyes of a Rapid Response Nurse. With real life stories from the frontlines of nursing, host Sarah Lorenzini MSN, RN, CCRN, CEN, a Rapid Response Nurse and educator, shares her experiences at rapid response events and breaks down the pathophysiology, pharmacology, and the important role the nurse plays during emergencies.

Good Nurse Bad Nurse

One part light-hearted and fun, one part deep and thought-provoking. A podcast hosted by a registered nurse and her special guests, who uses true crime and hot-topic stories to educate and encourage nurses.