#18 Critical Care Transport

Patients require transportation for many reasons: to an increased level of care, a decreased level of care, a procedure, or for imaging. Katherine Stradling, BSN, RN, CCRN, TCRN discusses the science of transport, what it’s like in the ambulance, and what bedside nurses can do to facilitate safe transport.

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#15 The Nurses Role in Early Mobility

Today, ICU patients seem to become sicker and more sedated. Sedation medications, such as Propofol, have become more accessible and can be hung up and left on a drip all day. Heidi Engel, PT, DPT argues that less sedation and more mobilization should be thought of as important as taking medications. In this episode, we discuss how nurses can play a crucial role in mobilizing our patients both in the ICU and on the floor.

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#10 The COVID Episode: What Do We Know Now?

We’re a year into the pandemic and, as a nurse, I’m curious: what have we learned are the best practices for treating COVID in the hospital? I sat down with a returning guest, Dr. Cyrus Shariat, an intensivist, and asked him about COVID pathophysiology, management of respiratory failure, medications, and risk of thromboembolism. 

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