About the Podcast

This podcast uses knowledge sharing and friendly conversation to break down barriers that exist between nurses and hospital staff.

For each episode, I interview a healthcare professional who will share practice-improving knowledge and insight for the bedside nurse. This practical information is for the new nurse and seasoned nurse alike.

About the Host

Annie Fulton, RN

This podcast is hosted by me, Annie Fulton, RN BSN PCCN. I have been a nurse since 2014. I have experience working in medical-oncology, emergency, and now work on an intermediate care unit (aka step-down unit) at a community hospital in the Bay Area.

Nursing is a second career for me. Previously, I studied economics, worked in tech, and moonlighted as a road bike racer (think: Tour de France-style of racing).

I describe myself as intellectually curious and have found that this podcast is a good outlet for me to keep learning and growing as a bedside nurse. It’s also a great excuse to have fun conversations with great people.

I am a wife and proud mother of a wonderfully silly 3-year old boy. In my free time I enjoy traveling, cycling, crafting, reading, cooking, and being outside.