The Up My Nursing Game Podcast uses expert interviews from an array of hospital staff to answer common nursing questions and pitfalls. It is geared towards acute, emergency, and critical care nurses.

Our hope is to improve nursing practice while using knowledge sharing and friendly conversation to break down barriers that exist between nurses and hospital staff.

The Host

Annie Fulton, RN, BSN, PCCN

Annie has been a nurse since 2014 with experience in medical-oncology, emergency, and intermediate care unit (aka step-down unit). She is currently a float pool nurse at a large, academic hospital in the Bay Area, CA.

She is a wife and proud mother of a wonderfully silly four-year-old boy. In her free time she enjoys traveling, cycling, crafting, reading, cooking, and being outside.

The Team

Salena Phong, RN, BSN

Salena is a first-generation graduate from Sacramento, CA who is navigating the new nurse graduate life. She has a special interest in pediatrics and the NICU, and hopes to get into a new graduate nurse program this year. She enjoys traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures, exercising, and spending quality time with all of her nieces and nephews.