What Nurses Need to Know About Ostomies with Sarah Baumgart MSN, CWOCN

Here is the definitive episode about ostomies for the bedside nurse. From comparing  and ileal conduit v. ileostomy v. colostomy to coaching your patient on what to expect in life with an ostomy, Sarah Baumgart MSN, APRN, CWOCN, answers many of the questions nurses have about their patients with ostomies.

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Topics Discussed

A little visual demonstration to accompany the podcast episode.

Esophagostomy Video

Wafer Convexity

According to VeganOstomy, “The adhesive part of the wafer can either be flat or convex; convexity works better for ostomates who have a flush or recessed stoma since it applies gentle pressure around the skin and often reduce or prevent leaks in those situations.”

Stoma Cap

These can be used when very little to no output is expected, such as patients with colostomies who perform daily irrigations.

Hydrophilic Tape

Per their website: HyTape is a non-reactive, waterproof, Zinc Oxide based, medical tape that holds ostomy pouches for extended wear and releases gently.