Stroke Diagnostics, Intervention and Complications with Sarah Lorenzini, RN, MSN

Time is brain. Rapid response nurse, Sarah Lorenzini MSN, RN, is frequently working against the clock to get patients with stroke symptoms to CT and ultimately receiving definitive care. We will discuss what nurses can do to help facilitate fast interventions including tPA, thrombectomy, ventriculostomies, stroke center designation and post-CVA complications.

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Topics Discussed

The primary nurse’s role in a code stroke

  • What should nurses prioritize during a code stroke?
  • What should the nurse be prepared to speak to when the rapid response team arrives?


  • CT head non-contrast
  • CT angiogram


  • tPA
  • Thrombectomy
  • Ventriculostomy
  • Management of increase ICP


  • Primary v. Comprehensive stroke centers
  • Management of cerebral vasospasms